Our strategy is to focus on the most modern, efficient and desirable aircraft types, working closely with our airline and investor customers to meet their specific requirements.




Average fleet age




A320neo family

The NEO single-aisle jetliners incorporate two new engine choices, along with the fuel-saving Sharklets wingtip devices and a further optimised passenger cabin to deliver unbeatable efficiency and comfort. Improvements for the A320neo Family result in a per-seat fuel burn saving of 20 % compared to current engine option (CEO) jetliners by 2020, along with additional range, reduced engine noise and lower emissions.


737 Max

The 737 MAX family of aircraft is designed to deliver more advanced technology from nose to tail: new engines, new winglets, new flight deck displays and the passenger-preferred Boeing Sky interior, with more seats.



The 787 delivers superior reliability, fuel efficiency and high-value returns that operators require in today's competitive market. Its exceptional versatility and lower maintenance and operating costs provide a competitive edge regardless of business model or market.



The latest in widebody technology the A350 XWB benefits from being built with over 70 per cent advanced materials; combining carbon composites (53 per cent), titanium and modern aluminium alloys, to create a lighter and more cost-efficient aircraft while also reducing maintenance requirements. The latest generation Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engines are quieter and more efficient. The combination of these advantages result in 25 per cent lower operating costs, fuel burn and C02 emissions when compared with previous-generation aircraft - showing Airbus' commitment to protecting the environment while remaining at the cutting edge of air travel.

Numbers correct as at 31 December 2023
Aircraft Type Owned Managed Committed Total
B737-800 118 44 - 162
A320-200 87 33 - 120
A320neo 128 15 153 296
A321neo 44 38 34 116
A321-200 33 12 1 46
B787-8 8 8 - 16
B787-9 5 14 - 19
A350-900 12 3 - 15
A350-1000 2 5 - 7
B737-MAX 54 26 83 163
Other 11 11 - 22
Total 502 209 271 982

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